“I have never been more comfortable in my home”

Marnie introduced me to various styles and design influences. She took all of our feedback and relentlessly searched for the perfect items that would meet our family’s functional and monetary needs. What started with just one room, has led to an entire transformation of our home from the inside and even the outside! My home has never felt more “me”! I think that statement alone speaks volumes to the extreme talent and vision of Marnie Weir. I love that when people visit our home for the first time, aside from the “I love this!” the feedback I get every time is “this is so you!” I have never been more comfortable in my home. I am proud of every single room and every detail that was carefully crafted by Marnie. Marnie has the gift of making you fall in love with the design process, and that love carries straight over to the end result. Reaching out to Marnie was the best decision I made for my family—she helped us create a home we could all be proud of and happy in.
— Marisa H

“She was just amazing”

Marnie recently came to my home to help me decide on wall colors. She was just amazing. She came prepared with colors in mind based on what I had told her I was looking for, and she very mindfully chose colors based on concrete things like my decor, but also on things I wouldn’t have thought of, like the overall feel of a room and how the light entered through the windows. She was so patient and even encouraged my daughters to help choose colors for their bedrooms. I can’t wait to see her insights come to life, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Erika K

“We couldn’t recommend Marnie Weir Interiors more”

My company hired Marnie Weir Interiors to redesign our office space in Sausalito, CA. Marnie’s guidance on repurposing space to fit a new footprint and her vision for bringing a stale office environment to life was inspiring, thoughtful, and functional. She is very communicative every step of the way and has a knack for bringing all stakeholders together that made our approval process effortless. She works hard to the budget outlined and provided guidance on where we should push in areas that should deserve better attention or more budget, and where we can optimize for efficiencies. Our employees feel more inspired and actually seem to work better in our new environment! Marnie is kind, patient, and a brilliant designer. If you’re looking for commercial design, we couldn’t recommend Marnie Weir Interiors more.
— Aisha R

“Can't wait for her to work on my next project.”

I couldn’t have done it without Marnie. Opening a studio had been a dream of mine of a few years and I poured my entire savings into it…so it had to be perfect. And it is!! From the start Marnie was very conscious of my budget and helped me find solutions to keep it under wraps. The best part is, I never had to sacrifice on quality. She is spot on when she says where you should spend the money and where you can get creative. My favorite place is Turks and Caicos and I lived in California for a long time so I wanted to bring some of the beach vibe to Dallas but not in the traditional kitchy way. Right away we landed on the locker room wallpaper from Designer’s Guild which served as our launching point for the rest of the studio. It all came together piece by piece effortlessly. Everyone who walks in the studio comments on the style and the welcoming feeling that it gives them. For a lot of women this is the only hour in the day where they have peace and quiet and the studio makes them feel like they are in a high end spa. Because of Marnie’s creativity, eagle eye for unique design, professionalism and relentless ability to identify and empathize with your needs. I can’t wait for her to work on my next project
— Ally C

“Marnie is definitely my go-to person for anything design related!”

Marnie has been my design guru many times over the years for everything from paint colors and wall paper, to drapes and furniture layouts. Because she has an impeccable eye for detail and keeps herself well-informed on up-to-the-minute trends, she has transformed even the darkest corner of our basement into a light and airy space. Marnie is definitely my go-to person for anything design related!
— Erika N